[gst-devel] OT: Making a List of the Linux Multimedia Community

Charles Iliya Krempeaux tnt at linux.ca
Mon Mar 4 12:59:09 CET 2002


I'm compiling a list of the Linux Multimedia Community
(for a separate project).

You can see the "current" list that I have at:


(The list is in alphabetical order.)

I'm sure I've missed stuff on my list.

So, I'd appreciate it if the subscribers of this mailing list help
me find more communities/software/links/etc to add to my list.

Basically, if you could check my list, to see if there is anything
that I missed.  (And if I have missed anything, e-mail me, and
let me know about it.)

(The easiest thing to check is to see if your own project... if
you have one... is listed on the list.)


See ya

     Charles Iliya Krempeaux
     tnt @ linux.ca
     ckrempea @ alumni.sfu.ca

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