[gst-devel] v4l/xvideo halt problem

Thomas Kulessa thomas.kulessa at epost.de
Tue Mar 19 10:10:03 CET 2002

Hello gstreamer developers,

I want to replace the component for video grabbing in an existing body 
tracking application, with a new gstreamer-0.3.3 based component. For 
the purpose of making myself familiar with the lib, I wrote a small test 
app consisting of mainly  two GstElements: a v4lsrc and a xvideosink.

After starting, the application (sometimes) displays a few frames, then 
stops (sometimes for minutes) starts again and so on.

So far I tracked this down to the line 'return CLASS (clock)->wait 
(clock, time);' in the gst_clock_wait() function. When I comment out the 
corresponding call of gst_clock_wait() in xvideosink.c, the application 
seems to work fine.
Does anybody know this behaviour, or do I make some mistake?

Thanks in advance,

Thomas Kulessa

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