[gst-devel] gstreamer installation on Redhat 7.2

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Wed Mar 20 15:27:32 CET 2002

Hello Satish,

> Hi, 
> Can anyone let me know the complete steps in installing gstreamer in full on
> Rh-72 and and also let me know of any issues involved?. I tried the install
> and i get lot of dependency failures. For eg. i got a failure on the glib2.0
> dependency. but the glib 2.0 is already installed. also i did a --nodeps for
> the rpms and i was able to install the rpms.

Ok, first of all, you should NEVER use --nodeps to install RPMS unless 
you're 100% sure why you're doing it.  In general, rpm is there to help 
you resolve dependencies and find out about stuff you need before actually 
trying to run it.  If you ignore that then there's no point in using a 
package manager.  There are (very few) reasons when --nodeps is a good 
idea.  For example, when you're replacing a few packages with others and 
you can't remove one of them without using --nodeps because others depend 
on it, if you're going to install the other version after that.
Or, maybe, when you installed a dependency from source for some reason, so 
you know it's there and works.

Just trying to "fix" dependencies by --nodeps'ing them is not going to 
work in most cases.  If rpm doesn't find the dependency you need then it's 
probably not there.

Now, in your case, you're in luck.  You can get RPM's for all the required 
dependencies (those that are not in rh72 standard, anyway ;) ) and some of 
the possible libs from

The thing with some of them (gtk2, glib2 in your case) is that these libs 
have been in a state of flux while nearing their new release which is out 
now.  In your case, it might be that you have an older glib2 rpm than the 
one the rpm's were made with.  I can't tell for sure though unless you 
paste the output of rpm when it tells you that the deps are not resolved.

> but when i run the helloworld
> app given in the documentation, i get some error like gstreamer-config not
> found..

As wingo said, we need to change that then ;) that doesn't exist anymore.  
In any case, my bet is that the apps won't be able to do much since they 
can't find the libraries they should work with.  So if I were you, I'd 
start by removing the gstreamer rpm's and start over so you learn how the 
deps work, or verify them so you know what libs and what versions exactly 
you're missing.

You can always stop by on irc to get some hands-on help as well ;)

Let us know how you do,

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