[gst-devel] Buffers.....dont have any.

Ronald Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Fri Mar 22 03:43:02 CET 2002

On Fri, 2002-03-22 at 12:45, Sojan James wrote:
>    Yes, I did try out your plugin. The only problem I faced is that my
> setup just doesn't provide a way to capture video into buffers..which is
> expected by your plugin. The hardware does all the hard work.. I just have
> to order things around. ;-).

But you need to mmap() the buffer in order to write the mpeg frames,
right? We have a MJPEG output plugin (DC10+ and such) which can play
JPEG encoded frames, so the v4lelement doesn't only support raw video
(this is also an answer to your "which mime type should I take"
question: video/mpeg). Or do you use write() to write the MPEG data to
the device? In that case, you still have a buffer but it's the buffer
pointed to by your write() call :-). In both cases, the MPEG data
(mmap()'ed/kernel-side or user-side/write()) is the buffer.

> When do you expect the porting to V4L2 to be complete. Once that is done,
> I could take the base class element and build on that.

I don't know. Will probably take me several weeks, but at least it'll
give a clean interface, which is the most important thing. I'd like to
keep the v4l/v4l2 stuff easy and clean :-).

> About IRC, is there an IRC client that can go through a http proxy? I also
> think that company policy prohibits chat rooms. I propably will try
> getting on from home after work. Since I'm a few hours ahead of you guys,
> I guess it shouldn't be a problem. (I'm in India).

Ok, see you tonight, I'll try to be there as much as possible (though I
might be away due to class and so :-) ).


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