[gst-devel] Buffers.....dont have any.

Sojan James sojan at malkauns.nsc.com
Fri Mar 22 05:34:07 CET 2002

Hi again,
The idea is to keep v4l2 totally out of the mpeg decoder plugin.
This is  the reason why. Suppose sometime later, I need to add some
processing between the mpeg decoder and the v4l2 sink. If we follow the
design of the v4l2mjpeg sink plugin, it will be impossible to separate the
Making the mjpeg sink a child of the v4l2 sink defeats the very idea of
gstreamer...having different elements for different tasks.. MPEG decoding
and display are two very different tasks and I strongly feel that they have
to be separate.

With the existing mjpegsink plugin, is it possible to put another element
between the mjpeg decoder and the v4l2sink? I've only about a weeks
experience to Glib/GObject and I have no idea about that.

I feel that we are biased to our individual ideas because of the
completely different hardware setups we work on. The fact that mjpeg
decoder is part of the V4l2 api is also a reason for the inability to
separate them at the plugin level.

What say?


> It's just a video (v4l2) output driver, right? So, the on-screen
> handling is all done by the 'parent' v4l2element, the child (the
> v4l2mpegsink) just accepts the buffers. This is how v4lmjpegsink (with
> v4lelement as parent) does it too. It just accepts buffers, and the
> v4lelement handles all onscreen display stuff...

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