[gst-devel] patch gstpad.c

Jim Thornton jthornton at parc.com
Fri Mar 22 19:15:01 CET 2002

Minor thing: an extra debugging statement that I found very useful

--- gstpad.c.orig       Thu Mar 21 15:16:00 2002
+++ gstpad.c    Thu Mar 21 15:17:00 2002
@@ -980,6 +980,7 @@
     if (!gst_caps_intersect (caps, gst_padtemplate_get_caps (template))) 
       GST_INFO (GST_CAT_CAPS, "caps did not intersect with %s:%s's 
                 GST_DEBUG_PAD_NAME (pad));
+      gst_caps_debug(caps, "caps themselves (attempted to set)");
       gst_caps_debug (gst_padtemplate_get_caps (template),
                       "pad template caps that did not agree with caps");

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