[gst-devel] registry

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Thu Mar 28 03:14:02 CET 2002


I've been looking over some of the registry code.
In my local tree, I moved some things around, added gstregistry.[ch] in 
/gst, and changed gst-register to match.

What it does :
a) if a --gst-registry=(file) has been specified, it will write registry 
to that file
b) if none specified, it checks uid
b1) if 0, save registry where it's always saved (GST_CONFIG_DIR)
b2) if not 0, save it in ~/.gstreamer/reg.xml

Now, I want to know if this is ok for all of you (comments welcome of 
course), and I want to change stuff in gst_init to match.

However, there's lots of stuff going on there and lots of hardcoded 
reg.xml bits and checks and I could use some advice or a nudge in the 
right direction on how to resolve it.

My goal is (re: using the registry)
a) if a --gst-registry=(file) is specified, ONLY use that registry (no 
side effects)
b) if none specified, load the system registry
c) if running as a user, load the user registry and overwrite system reg 
where conflicting

So, shoot.



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