[gst-devel] bug?

Arik Devens adevens at antioch-college.edu
Thu May 9 23:59:03 CEST 2002

> If the mixer catches the new eos signal from the main thread it
> disconnects the stream and the mixer, and a new stream is dragged in
> and hooked up. So far so good, scheduler dumps, everything looks
> alright. But when i try to set the state to GST_STATE_PLAYING again (i
> set it to NULL before fiddling with the stream, i tried everything,
> PAUSED, STOPPED ..), it just locks up right there in the
> gst_element_set_state. This all happens from the main thread.
> I spent the last three days playing with this, and I really dont see how
> it could be a bug in monkeymedia itself ... 

not that it helps at all but afaik this is a _very_ old bug. if you
are using the spider it's because it doesn't handle new
streams. basically gstreamer doesn't handle setting the location on
the pipeline to a new stream and playing again afaik. this is why in
gst-player we NULL out the entire pipeline and recreate it when we
switch to a new song. need to be fixed :-)


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