[gst-devel] autoplug ranking for a better spider

Baker, Steve SBaker at CHELLO.com
Thu May 30 04:43:02 CEST 2002

> I think it is a good idea.  It is a hack, and I'm sure people 
> will start 
> discussing previous ideas again which all sounded great, but 
> no one steps 
> forward and does it.
> So IMO this is a really good start anyway - he who writes the 
> code has the 
> right to have a go at it I say !
> As a technical comment, I think it's a good start, but it 
> would be even 
> better IMO if plugins were to suggest this number themselves, 
> but the rank 
> would then be stored in the registry (preferably in a second 
> subsection, 
> so that it wouldn't get overwritten between re-registers), so 
> that they 
> could also be made user-adaptable.  Not that we will need it from the 
> start, but when we learn more and more how it works it might 
> be a good 
> idea to have the possibility to do it and add api bits to 
> even change this 
> on the fly.  For example, we could have a simple app that 
> tries to choose 
> the best video and audio output plugin on your system and 
> then puts these 
> ranks into the registry.

Well, I've just realised that I'll need to load/save the rank to the
registry anyway.

I might just call it "rank" so that it is not autoplug specific - it could
be used for other ranking purposes on src and sink elements.

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