[gst-devel] 0.4.2 for apt-get?

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Mon Nov 4 02:26:04 CET 2002


> > > I have both, rb and mm installed, why is that a problem?
> > 
> > 1) You can't have gst 0.4.2 and 0.4.1 installed at the same time
> I don't want 0.4.1 and 0.4.2 installed at the same time, that is why I
> instructed apt-get to "upgrade."

Bastien was stating the logic behind apt's reasoning.
If you don't understand why apt works the way it works, you might want to 
read the docs on it.  (In my mind) the following commands do the following 
things :

apt-get update
  queries apt repositories for what they offer and updates on-disk cache
  of their info
apt-get upgrade
  tries to upgrade all packages that can be upgraded without breaking
  dependencies or uninstalling packages
apt-get dist-upgrade
  tries to upgrade all packages to the latest version, uninstalling
  packages that don't have a newer version available and can't stay
  on the system because their dependencies aren't met.

These three things are very different, as you can clearly see right now 
when upgrading GStreamer.

> > 2) RB and monkey-media depend on gst 0.4.1
> If they depend on 0.4.1, why didn't I get a dependency error on
> "upgrading?"

You got "packages kept back" for precisely this reason.  Upgrading to 
GStreamer 0.4.2 would cause mm and rb to have unmet dependencies, so it 
doesn't, it "keeps back" the packages waiting for a manual solution.
This can be either of 
- you removing monkey-media.
- you running "apt-get install gstreamer" which specifically triggers
  an upgrade of gstreamer and will propose to remove mm and rb.

> 3) apt-get upgrade doesn't remove packages
> So, if it doesn't remove packages, how do you "upgrade."  This makes
> apt-get a install once and no more "upgrades."  Completely useless.

*shrug* I don't see why you feel the need to complain about your 
interpretation of how apt works to us ;) I suggest you read the docs, I 
don't think you did since your original complaint was that apt-get update 
didn't do what you expected it to do ;)
Suffice it to say, your reply to 3) is wrong.

> > Use "apt-get dist-upgrade", it will remove RB and monkey-media, and wait
> > for newer versions of it to show up (or recompile the current ones
> > against the new gst).
> > 
> > ... Or just wait until there's a version of RB that works with gst 0.4.2
> > in the repo.
> rb and mm are not in the gstreamer apt-get repository.

.... which is the whole point of this discussion.  There are no 
monkey-media and rhythmbox rpms built for gstreamer 0.4.2, period, so this 
is what is causing what you perceive as a problem.
The reason for them not being there is quite simple - the rhythmbox guys 
haven't done a release for a long time and have asked us not to make 
packages available officially.  This is a request we respect.

Is it a problem for users ? Sure.  But this is how it works.  So you have 
the choice of

a) sticking with gst 0.4.1 and your current mm and rb rpms
b) removing mm and rb rpms, upgrading to gst 0.4.2, and 
   1) manually build mm and rb from cvs
   2) install the "rogue" rpms of both some people have made.

I hope this clarifies whatever questions you have left on the issue ;) 
Feel free to ask if not.



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