[gst-devel] libgstplay leaks memory

Joshua N Pritikin vishnu at pobox.com
Tue Nov 5 01:54:06 CET 2002

This script doesn't leak memory:

  ./gst-launch --gst-scheduler=basicomega -Xoffset filesrc location=$1 ! mpegdemux sync=false name=foo video_%02d! { queue ! mpeg2dec ! { queue ! colorspace ! xvideosink } } foo.audio_%02d!{ queue ! mad ! { queue ! osssink } }

However, when i try to play the same MPEG1 film via libgstplay (gst-player or
my own player linked against libgstplay) then i leak memory at about 1M per
10 seconds.

Can you take a look at this?

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