[gst-devel] Bug in vorbisenc?

Pedro Côrte-Real typo at netcabo.pt
Sun Nov 17 13:44:01 CET 2002

I was trying to build a small app to stream audio (ogg or mp3) from
DBmix (dbmix.sf.net) to an icecast server. If I stream a wav file like

filesrc location="file.wav" ! wavparse ! vorbisenc/lame ! shout2send

It works great. I've done it in gst-launch and in a short C program.

If I want to do this however:

filesrc location="audio.raw" ! vorbisenc/lame ! shout2send

(and the connection between filesrc and the encoder is a filtered
connection) it only works with lame. 

Could vorbisenc be doing something wrong with it's input? I've proven
that I can stream ogg with shout2send by the wav example but it could be
a weird interaction with that as well.

A sample program is attatched. It doesn't work in it's present form, but
if you replace vorbisenc with lame it works just fine. No error is
given. The program behaves as if the file has ended and it is exiting

I sprinkled shout2send with printf's and found that it's doing the
following things:

- Changing state from NULL to READY 
- Changing state from READY to PAUSED
- Changing state from READY to NULL

Between the READY->PAUSED and READY->NULL transitions when using lame
"gst_shout2send_chain" is called several times to send (pass on) data,
while in the vorbisenc version it never gets called. This would indicate
that vorbisenc isn't producing any output at all. I'm out of ideas on
what might be causing this. Someone give me a hint, please.

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