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Subject: UAAG 1.0 Implementation

Dear Charles Samuels, Neil Stevens, Stefan Westerfeld, Martin Vogt,
     Erik Walthinsen, G|nter Bartsch, and Owen Fraser-Green,

We (Matt May and JP Schnapper-Casteras) are starting
an informal initiative to encourage and assist with the
implementation of the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG) 1.0
for user agents running on Linux, including browsers such as
Konqeoror, Mozilla, and Galeon, and multimedia players such as
Noatun, Gstreamer, or Xine. The UAAG 1.0 is a set of guidelines for
the development of user agents (software that retrieves and renders
Web content) that are accessible (can be used by persons with
disabilities). UAAG 1.0 is currently a Proposed Recommendation,
which means that, if all goes well, it should become a W3C
Recommendation by the end of this year.  Here are some links that
might help you get started:

Summary of UAAG 1.0:

The latest UAAG 1.0:

The latest Techniques:

The Techniques document discusses implementation details that
should be helpful to understanding how to satisfy the requirements
of UAAG 1.0.

Implementation report, also a good starting point for implementation

Web form for building an implementation report:

The home page of the User Agent Guidelines Working Group (UAWG):

The UAWG charter:

If you have questions about UAAG 1.0 or would like to submit
an implementation report, please send your comments to us
at the UAWG's public mailing list, w3c-wai-ua at w3.org.
List archives are available at:

Also, if you do implement or start implementing UAAG 1.0 in your
user agent, please let us know.

Thanks so much for your help and your support of accessibility efforts.

Best regards,

-- Matt May, W3C, UAWG Team contact
   JP Schnapper-Casteras, Coordinator,
   Free Desktop Accessibility Wrking Group

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