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Joshua N Pritikin vishnu at pobox.com
Fri Nov 22 23:31:07 CET 2002

On Sat, Nov 23, 2002 at 12:27:17AM +0530, Joshua N Pritikin wrote:
> * How do i get the correct clock?  What gst_bin_get_clock returns
> is a clock for the elapse time of the indexer.

OK, now i am using "filesrc ! mpegdemux ! mpeg2dec" and it seems
to work.  AlienSong seems OK, at least.  New code is attached.

The indexing seems a little too slow, especially for a DVD vob file.
Is there more that can be disabled in mpeg2dec when the src pad isn't
connected?  i am not familiar enough with the code to try skipping
the image decoding step.

i'm getting a SEGV after indexing 10 minutes of an mpeg1 film.
What more diagnostics can i provide?

(gdb) where
#0  gst_mpeg_parse_parse_packhead (mpeg_parse=0x80da0e0, buffer=0x37ccd80)
    at gstmpegparse.c:316
#1  0x40835459 in gst_mpeg_demux_parse_packhead (mpeg_parse=0x80da0e0, buffer=0x8085e48)
    at gstmpegdemux.c:277
#2  0x40834509 in gst_mpeg_parse_loop (element=0x80da0e0) at gstmpegparse.c:380
#3  0x408152c9 in gst_basic_scheduler_loopfunc_wrapper (argc=0, argv=0x80da0e0)
    at gstbasicscheduler.c:279
#4  0x4081999c in cothread_stub () at cothreads.c:444
#5  0x40819d48 in cothread_switch (thread=0xbfe40000) at cothreads.c:650
#6  0x408186bd in gst_basic_scheduler_iterate (sched=0x80bd528) at gstbasicscheduler.c:1342
#7  0x4005075f in gst_scheduler_iterate (sched=0x80bd528) at gstscheduler.c:645

(gdb) list
311         scr |= (scr2 & 0xfe000000) >> 25;
313         mpeg_parse->bytes_since_scr = 0;
315         buf += 5;
316         new_rate = (GUINT32_FROM_BE ((*(guint32 *) buf)) & 0x7ffffe00) >> 9;
317       }
319       scr_adj = scr + mpeg_parse->adjust;
(gdb) p buf
$2 = (guint8 *) 0x416d6ff8 "!\r�\233�\200\e\221" <Address 0x416d7000 out of bounds>

i guess i'll try updating and recompiling everything.

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