[gst-devel] Please help me!!!

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri gsbarbieri at yahoo.com.br
Sun Nov 24 19:45:01 CET 2002


   I'm quite deseperate looking for a solution to my problem (that I'll
describe below). I'm trying ffmpeg/ffserver and mencoder but none
suffice my needs until now.

   Here it goes:

   I want to build a "Security Camera Recorder" to my father. I want it
maily because I want record to a disk and stream it (both "live" and
   The problems are:
   1) I want to have the input from v4l device cropped to remove border
noises AND the time of each frame recorded on it (a little clock on the
top of the image). So ffmpeg can't be used.

   2) I want to record 1 hour movies and save them to
/movies/<WEEK_DAY>/<HOUR>.<Extension> so I can stream it later (or at
least download), but while saving them I want to be able to stream it
as  "live" recording. (2 outputs: 1 to disk, 1 to the net). So mencoder
is out.

   3) I want to be able to seek in the stream(both live and already
recorded), so I can go to directly to the minutes I want (from the file
named as the hour it was recorded)

   4) In future I want to make one v4l card to record 2 or more
channels  at the same time (swaping between channels each frame, so I
can record 2  or more cameras with only 1 v4l device)

   Basicaly is it:
                           .--------.          .----.
.-----.                    |HardDisc|--------->|PC_1|
|CAM_1|\                  /'--------'\_       /'----'
'-----' \    .---------. /             \_    /    .
   .     \   |Server   |/                \_ /     .
   .      +->|(Encoder+|                   /\_    .
   .     /   | Crop+   |\                 /   \.----.
.-----. /    | "Clock")| \ .-----------. /---->|PC_N|
|CAM_N|/     '---------'  \|Live stream|/      '----'
'-----'                    '-----------'

   With that I can see the cameras from home and in my father

   Since I cannot find a ready to use solution I'll develop mine and
I'm thinking about gstreamer as my framework. But I want to know if it
is possible to do and how to do that (basic guidelines). And some
specific things about GStreamer:
   1) There is a v4l capture interface?
   2) There is any crop plugin so I can crop the border noise?
   3) There is any bitmap overlay plugin (so I can put the "clock" over
the frames)
   4) There is any stream server inside gstreamer that is seek capable
and can output to any type of player (mplayer and windows media player
by instance). What is the best format to stream?
   5) How optimized are GStreamer encoders? It's possible to record 4
v4l inputs at 640x480 @ 25 fps? It's possible to use lavcodec (from
ffmpeg, very optimized)

   Really thanks,


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