[gst-devel] Please help me!!!

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Mon Nov 25 04:30:02 CET 2002

Hey Gustavo,

(I'm not a video person, but I can answer some of the questions)

>    1) I want to have the input from v4l device cropped to remove border
> noises AND the time of each frame recorded on it (a little clock on the
> top of the image). So ffmpeg can't be used.

Don't think we have that yet, but it should be very easy to write, and 
there are quite a few people interested in having this, so you'll get a 
lot of help if you have questions.  It'd be great if you could write a 
plugin that does this.

>    3) I want to be able to seek in the stream(both live and already
> recorded), so I can go to directly to the minutes I want (from the file
> named as the hour it was recorded)

you need MPEG or a raw format.

>    3) There is any bitmap overlay plugin (so I can put the "clock" over
> the frames)

this one is one some of us have wanted as well, so again you'll get a lot 
of help for it.

>    4) There is any stream server inside gstreamer that is seek capable
> and can output to any type of player (mplayer and windows media player
> by instance). What is the best format to stream?

no, there isn't.  There's a good chance though that you would be able to 
integrate one of our plug-ins to send stuff across the network with vlc.

Hope you join us ;-)



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