[gst-devel] seeking VBR

Joshua N Pritikin vishnu at pobox.com
Wed Nov 27 04:19:07 CET 2002

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 01:15:36PM +0100, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> Le mer 27/11/2002 à 12:27, Joshua N Pritikin a écrit :
> > Yah, that's fine too.  However, we still need to provide an API
> > to accomplish it.  Currently, i don't think there is a way to tell
> > xvideosink to skip the next 3 frames or osssink to drop the next
> > 3/25 seconds.  (Correct me if i am mistaken.)  Something like a
> > semi-flush event?
> Just disconnect it for 3 frames ?

But how do you know when to reconnect it?  Currently, i get frame
notifications only via the frame-displayed signal emitted by

> > Another idea which is probably obvious:  When we convert fuzzy or uncertain
> > data into certain data, maybe we can avoid changing all the values.
> > For example, if all timestamps are changing by a constant amount
> > then we can add a timestamp_base field to the TimeCacheGroup and
> > only update this one value.
> Mmh .. this seems unnecessary complex. I don't think doing a bunch of
> additions to convert the timestamps from relative to absolute will have
> any measurable cost.

OK, dump that idea.  ;-)

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