[gst-devel] SourceForge.net support: Project shell/web services: gstreamer (fwd)

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Fri Oct 11 13:47:09 CEST 2002

Most of the 1.7 (I count 1.4) GB in use is releases and media.  Releases
could be on the file server, if the file server didn't require 3 clicks
and a delay to get a file.  I've complained about the stupidity of their
new download system before, they ignore me.  With all their
"Geotargetting" ads and such, you'd think they'd have a system in place to
automatically redirect downloads to the best/free-est server.  As it is,
they broke all the download URLs and make automatic downloading from their
fileserver almost impossible.  The media directory suffers from the exact
same problem.

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Date: 11 Oct 2002 14:54:27 -0400
From: Jacob Moorman <moorman at sourceforge.net>
To: omegahacker at users.sourceforge.net, theuraeus at users.sourceforge.net
Cc: Patrick McGovern <pmcgovern at vasoftware.com>,
     Uriah Welcome <precision at vasoftware.com>
Subject: SourceForge.net support: Project shell/web services: gstreamer


Please read: This message has direct bearing on your project hosting at
SourceForge.net and should not be ignored.  This message covers a
variety of related subjects -- please read the entire message before
proceeding further.

My name is Jacob Moorman; I am the Quality of Service Manager for
SourceForge.net.  Today, I am writing to you regarding the 'gstreamer'
project on SourceForge.net.

SourceForge.net provides hosting to Open Source software development
projects.  We provide a number of different services, and attempt to
balance our resource usage among all of the projects we host, so as that
all users of our services have fair access to hosted materials.

In reviewing the disk consumption for the gstreamer project, we
discovered that your project currently uses 1.7GB of disk, compared to
its 100MB quota.  It also appears that a significant portion of this
disk consumption is taken by materials which are file releases that
would more appropriately be placed in the file release system, or are
backup tarballs.

We ask that you respond (via e-mail or by Support Request on the
'alexandria' project) to this inquiry no later than Friday, October
18, 2002.  If no response has been received by that date, we may need to
take more direct action to correct the resource consumption issues your
project has presented.

We look forward to your continued hosting with SourceForge.net.  Please
feel free to let us know directly if you should have specific questions
or concerns regarding this matter.

Thank you,

Jacob Moorman
Quality of Service Manager, SourceForge.net
moorman at sourceforge.net
moorman at vasoftware.com

CC: Uriah Welcome, Senior Systems Administrator, SourceForge.net
CC: Patrick McGovern, Site Director, SourceForge.net

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