[gst-devel] help about EOS

Alexandre Alison aalison at kontronmedical.ch
Tue Oct 15 07:42:07 CEST 2002

I am using gstreamer to realise a part of an ultrasound application. I am
looking for the right way to stop the plugins so as to flush correctly the
stream and to display the last acquired frame (I must stop the iteration at
the end of the display of this frame to be able to communicate then restart
the acquisition when asked).

must I use:
    gst_element_set_eos (GST_ELEMENT (bittwareinputplugin));
    or buf = GST_BUFFER(gst_event_new(GST_EVENT_EOS));
    or GST_PAD_EOS

Is there a documentation about this? (the helloworld example is too simple
for me) I use google to find information and I study the code of plugins but
there are obsolete ways of doing this in plugins and in documentations
(google find old documentations :( ). Where can I find up to date
information about the ways of realising a correct EOS?

Thanks for your help
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