[gst-devel] mozstreamer.

David Schleef ds at schleef.org
Tue Oct 22 22:51:03 CEST 2002

On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 05:56:26PM +1300, Steve Baker wrote:
> It looks like as from today the Mozstreamer source code can be found in
> the gst-player CVS repository, thanks to the work that David Schleef has
> been doing. 
> I guess you could consider him the maintainer for now, but please don't
> let that stop you from contributing.

Indeed.  I only wrote it because Uraeus made me.  =)  Just think of
me as the guy who knows most about it.

The code that I checked in today to gst-player is _not_ a continuation
of the Mozstreamer code base.  It is only a continuation of the spirit
of the project, i.e., GStreamer embedded in Mozilla.  I liked the
Mozstreamer code base, but in the end, spawning a modified gst-player
and reparenting it into a Mozilla window was a relatively quick and
clean way to the same result.

One obstacle for the real Mozstreamer right now is that Mozilla (in
most/all distros) is based on glib-1.2.  This makes it difficult to
dynamically load gstreamer.  This eventually will not be an issue,
but I believe spawning a new process to play media is a cleaner
solution, and I like the gst-player interface better.

I probably should have chosen a different name for the Mozilla plugin,
but it's not really user-accessible anyway.

Anyway, this would be a good time for a status report:

  - I duplicated the actual player code and removed the Gnome bits,
    so it could use GtkPlug as the toplevel window, and created a
    gst-player-gtk binary.  This is because I could find a way to
    get a Gnome window to embed in another window.

  - Mozilla streams to a plugin over stdin.  gnomevfssrc doesn't
    read from stdin (or any fd), and GstPlay currently only uses

  - The code is really crappy.  I didn't intend for anyone to see
    it yet.

  - npunix.c and mozstreamer.c are derived from files that have an
    MPL license.  I need to replace these with the MPL/GPL/LGPL


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