[gst-devel] videowidget

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Fri Oct 25 09:28:04 CEST 2002

Hey all (and especially Steve)

I've been trying to fiigure out what to do with gstvideowidget.

Firstly, what does it do ? It seems to be providing a gtk video widget 
using gstreamer playback, somehow embedding (theoretically) any video 
widget inside a gtk widget.

If this is the case, hurrah ! ;)

Right now it lives in libs/gst/player, which seems to be the wrong place  
for it, since player is the gnome-specific library, while this seems a 
pure gtk widget ?

If it is, we might want to move it to a separate directory somehow.  It 
seems like this widget is usable for anything from totem conversion to 
gstreamer to nautilus embedding.

It should also be in a separate library, IMO, something like 
libgstgtkwidget or something.

Also, where should it be installed to ?
right now it ends up as 

To conform to our other libs, it should probably end up as videowidget.h 
instead (or something including gtk in the name if we change the canonical 
name for it - I suppose a qtvideowidget could exist too), and possibly in 
it's own subdirectory.

Let me know what you think so I can clean this up before 0.4.2



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