[gst-devel] Has anyone ported Gstreamer to arm-linux?

Dutta, Pronay pronay.dutta at intel.com
Fri Oct 25 16:04:05 CEST 2002

Hi David,
Thanks for your reply. I have tried the arm version of gstreamer components
from debian website. It was complaing for missing libxml2. I could not find
the libxml2 in the debian website. Do you know if there is an arm version of
libxml2 available somewhere?

Thanks a lot,

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* Dutta, Pronay <pronay.dutta at intel.com> [20021023 12:52]:
> Thanks a lot for the reply. Great work, Is it public? Can I get the arm
> version of the gstreamer core? Did you have to port libxml2, glib2 etc. to
> arm to get the core compiled for arm?

This is unrelated to omegas arm port but the Debian arm autobuilder
built debs for the core.  Which means all the dependency libs are
available too.  This is a full release.  If you're porting to some
handheld or other small device you may need to do use hacks omega was
working on.


The plugins on arm (and other archs) are held back from autobuilding due
to stupid avifile.  Though if you have access to a Debian arm box they
will probably build if you take out avifile stuff.


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