[gst-devel] mpeg2dec experience

Joshua N Pritikin vishnu at pobox.com
Tue Oct 29 02:48:02 CET 2002

Here's my setup:

linux 2.4.19 i386
gstreamer & gst-plugins CVS Oct 6

AlienSong.mpeg plays fine.  When i try to play an mpeg taken
from a VCD then i get problems:

* With libmpeg2 CVS Sep 27, i get "fatal error" on gstmpeg2deccvs.c:416.
The player goes into pause but it can be restarted.

* With libmpeg2 0.2.1, i get very choppy playback -- pauses for 2-3
seconds for every 2-3 seconds of smooth video.

Is this a libmpeg2 bug?  Since it is easy to reproduce with about
10 seconds of video, can i upload the beginning of my mpeg file
somewhere for analysis?

Or should i simply update to current CVS and try again?

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