[gst-devel] videowidget

Julien MOUTTE jmoutte at electronic-group.com
Thu Oct 31 06:09:04 CET 2002

Hi folks,

I'm trying to use gstvideowidget for video playback with libgstplay...

It works just fine and i think we should definitely make 3 libs :

1) libgstplay (media playback with only glib dependencies)
2) libgstvideowidget (GTK widget for video playback handling sizing , scaling, etc)
3) libgstplayer (Grouping the 2 first ones in a Gnome dependent widget taking care of control, etc)

The only thing i'm missing now is catching up event on gstvideowidget ..

For example a key press while the video widget has focus 'F' for fullscreen for example...

How should i handle that ? embed the videowidget in an event box ? It possible to define some more signal masks on this widget ??

Steve ?


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