[gst-devel] Instrument patch support library for GStreamer

Josh Green jgreen at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Sep 1 21:21:08 CEST 2002

A thought just occurred to me.. Heres how it goes. 

I'm currently developing an instrument patch editor library (currently
handles SoundFont 2.01 files) on the GObject framework called
libInstPatch. I'm only just recently overhauling it to GObject so it
still needs a bit more work before its completely usable (real close
actually). Its also fully multi-thread, well at least thats how it was
designed, not very tested yet.
I'm finding myself a little overwhelmed with the project and I just
realized that this library would probably fit in well, and perhaps
rather effortlessly, with GStreamer. This would probably just take
writing it as a GStreamer plugin?

I started out using the GStreamer gobject2gtk wrapper, but then noticed
that it was ditched. I have done the same, it served me well with GTK1.2
though :) Things are a little in shambles since I branched everything to
GTK2 + "the real GObject" as I've tried to adjust to the load of work. 

If you want to check out the current API for libInstPatch its at:

| Does this project sound interesting to you?    |
| Please contact me if it does, I would like to  |
| work with others on it :)                      |

<Project details> 
The project code is currently separated into 3 components. 
Main project URL: 

  A multi-thread enabled patch file library that currently has 
  SoundFont 2.x editing capabilities. 

  NOTE:    Needs a small amount of work before operational. 
  API URL: http://swami.sourceforge.net/api/libinstpatch/ 

  A base library for interfacing to other instrument 
  patch related features (but not patch file structure or 
  gui related). 

  Things like wavetable objects, sample file lib interface,
  plugin handling, state history (undo/redo stuff).
  API: Currently getting slaughtered (well not that much really).

  The GTK+ GUI object oriented interface. 
</Project details> 

Since I'm new to this list and am ignorant to whether someone is already
working on this kind of thing.. list etiquette.. etc.. [mailing list
archive removed search feature, grrr, or maybe its hiding?] I will stop
here for my first post. 

I'm CC'ing the Swami developers list, it may be more appropriate to hold
the discussion there? 

I have yet to really see GStreamer in action, but I love the idea and
look forward to adding instrument patch support to it. So let me know if
this sounds like something that could mesh nicely with GStreamer's
goals. Cheers. 

    Josh Green

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