[gst-devel] Instrument patch support library for GStreamer

Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller Uraeus at linuxrising.org
Sat Sep 7 00:53:04 CEST 2002

<resending this reply here as I by mistake only sent it directly to
Hi Josh,
Sorry for the late reply :)
On Mon, 2002-09-02 at 06:00, Josh Green wrote:
> A thought just occurred to me.. Heres how it goes. 
> I'm currently developing an instrument patch editor library (currently
> handles SoundFont 2.01 files) on the GObject framework called
> libInstPatch. I'm only just recently overhauling it to GObject so it
> still needs a bit more work before its completely usable (real close
> actually). Its also fully multi-thread, well at least thats how it was
> designed, not very tested yet.
> I'm finding myself a little overwhelmed with the project and I just
> realized that this library would probably fit in well, and perhaps
> rather effortlessly, with GStreamer. This would probably just take
> writing it as a GStreamer plugin?
Yes, probably and I think it would be a great addition to GStreamer.
However one issue I do see is that if I understand this technology
correctly you would want Midi support in GStreamer, something which is
currently missing. We have had some people say they would look into it,
but none of those have yet submitted any actual code. I hope this will
not be a big issue.

> Since I'm new to this list and am ignorant to whether someone is 
> already working on this kind of thing.. list etiquette.. etc.. 
> [mailing list archive removed search feature, grrr, or maybe its 
> hiding?] I will stop
> here for my first post. 
As far as I know no-one else is currently working on something like

> I'm CC'ing the Swami developers list, it may be more appropriate to
hold the discussion there? 
> I have yet to really see GStreamer in action, but I love the idea and
> look forward to adding instrument patch support to it. So let me know
> if this sounds like something that could mesh nicely with GStreamer's
> goals. Cheers. 
Absolutly, we would love to have this addition to GStreamer. Hope the
current (hopefully not long-lived) lack of midi support is a big problem
for you.


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