[gst-devel] UCI Project

Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at free.fr
Wed Sep 25 01:24:03 CEST 2002

Le mer 25/09/2002 à 05:06, alex at foogod.com a écrit :
>                Project Announcement and Call for Participation
>                -----------------------------------------------
> The Universal Codec Interface (UCI) Project is aiming to create a consistent,
> well-designed, portable set of programming interfaces for multimedia
> applications and codecs to interface to one another on unix-like (and
> potentially other) operating systems.
> The UCI system is intended to provide an interface which is both consistent
> enough to allow easy ("plug and play") use of any codec by any application,
> while being flexible enough to allow sophisticated use of specialized codec
> features by applications designed to take more thorough advantage of certain
> codec implementations, or even to allow the user to control codec features of
> which the application itself may not be directly aware.  It is not tied to any
> particular system or set of other libraries (such as graphical environments),
> and is intended to be lightweight and as efficient as possible so as not to get
> in the way of application/codec builders.

This isa good idea but looks like another Gstreamer project to me (less
the flexibility). Gstreamer's framework is LGPL'd and the codec
themselves may have different licences.
UCI should choose the Gstreamer API for their codecs. They would have
instant support from the Gstreamer experts (I'm sure), plus the pleasure
of working in a well-thought framework: compatibility with media
players, NLEs, media servers, etc.
Another (related) project you could join/merge/improve if you don't want
to use a particular API is http://codecs.org (a collection of free


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