[gst-devel] audioconvert

Benjamin Otte in7y118 at public.uni-hamburg.de
Sun Apr 13 18:46:04 CEST 2003

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please welcome our newest addition to our endless pool of plugins:
audioconvert, found in gst-plugins/gst/gstaudioparse in cvs HEAD.
I'm tooting the horn for this plugin a bit because I hope to get it
stable for a 0.6.2 release so that the player can take other audio than
signed 16bit, which it is currently forced to take because of volume -
and goom on visualization - only take that format. (This is btw why the
player refuses to play braverobin.wav)

I'll finish with a quote of the cvs commit comment.


Added initial version of audioconvert, a generic converter of integer
audio/raw formats.
It currently supports conversion of
- channels (mono/stereo only, until someone tells me how to mix other
- endianness (little/bi endian)
- signedness
- width (8, 1, 24 and 32 bits)
- depth (1 - width bits)
- enough testing (I intend to write a testsuite for this, but that's
- samplerate conversion
- other goodies like format conversion etc
Expect bugs when using it.

problems this should solve:
- encoding wav files on big endian machines
- goom working with mono audio files in gst-player
- Iain's soundcard (that one is a problem in itself)
- complaints about missing conversion
- too many age old, nearly unmaintained plugins (stereo2mono etc.)
Have fun.

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