[gst-devel] video overlay plugin

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Tue Apr 22 13:58:04 CEST 2003

Hi Gustavo,

>   I'm sorry to post it like this in attachment, but I don't have
> anywhere to put it, at the moment.
>   Change your videosink to textoverlay ! xvideosink to test.
>   It still has some problems due to my little understanding of YUV.  If
> anyone can help out, I'd be glad.
>   My idea is for this to be used to display subtitles in gst-player. 
> Any volunteers for that?  Should be fairly simple to do the rest.  We
> only have to insert textoverlay in the pipeline, read a subtitles file,
> and then change the 'text' attribute of the textoverlay from time to
> time.

I've tried compiling your tarball, but failed due to some Makefile.am 
variables that seem to be wrong to me.

So I want to ask two things:

a) would you be willing to check out gst-template module from cvs, and use 
the gst-plugin template directory as the build structure ? If you want, I 
can do this part for you so that is out of the way.

It makes it easier to build against both 0.6 and 0.7 and does some other 
things in a standard way so anyone is able to compile it.

b) to the list in general; would it be a good idea to make a module in cvs 
in which to co-develop new plugins like this one ? We could call it 
"sandbox" for example, and make one directory for each plug-in we are 
developing, and make each directory have it's own autogen.sh script.

In this sandbox module, people can co-develop plugins, help each other 
out, and generally mature and finish the plugins until they work basically 
and can be added to gst-plugins if wanted.

Comments ?



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