[gst-devel] Looking for a non-GPL licence MP3 player plugin

Ghee Teo Ghee.Teo at Sun.COM
Wed Aug 6 13:07:17 CEST 2003


	I have been hunting through the 0.6.2 release of gst-plugins looking 
for a non-GPL mp3 player plugin to be used in nautilus-media and totem. 
I have found so far the following mp3 player plugins but are unsuitable 
for my requirements

- mad :- because it has GPL licence because of libmad
- ffmpeg :- because it is based on LAME which I believe is GPL

	If you are aware of any of the existing plugins which are capable of 
decoding mp3 and non-GPL, please let me know. Your input/feedback is 
most appreciated ;)


Ghee Teo

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