[gst-devel] Using AVISynth with GStreamer...

Kevin Atkinson kevina1 at umbc.edu
Wed Aug 6 22:15:05 CEST 2003

I have just recently released a compiler neutral C Interface to AviSynth 
in the forum of a plugin. You can find it at 
http://kevin.atkinson.dhs.org/avisynth_c/. The current version is 0.10.

With this C API It should be possible to create a use AviSynth and all its 
filters with GStreamer with the help of WineLib.

The current version is not complete and it leaves one critical API 
function (which allows use of AVISynth as a library) unimplemented.  
However, I hope to have that fixed within a week.

Would someone be willing to work with me to make this possible?

I currently can't get AVISynth + VirtualDub working in Wine, but I believe 
using just AVISynth as a library should be possible.

PS: Fell free to pass this around to other lists.  I didn't fell like 
spamming every video related mailing list for Linux ;)


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