[gst-devel] Hi

Ismail Degani id35 at cornell.edu
Fri Aug 8 09:24:10 CEST 2003


Despite all of the extensive attempts in the FAQ section to explain what
GStreamer is, I'm still not completely sure :(. Maybe someone on this
list can help me out. Here is my current situation/understanding:

I have a 1394 firewire camera - I have successfully written some C code
to communicate with it (using libdc1394 and libraw1394). Basically, what
I have now is an unsigned char *buffer about 1.5MB in size representing
a 1024x768 frame in YUV422 format. If need be, I have algorithms that
can convert to YUV420p, RGB etc, but I would like as little of that
initial conversion as possible. What I need to make is a realtime
broadcast server and player set (it needs to be as realtime as possible
because the player will have widgets on it for controlling small robotic
appendages that move objects as the camera watches). I'd like to be able
to send these raw buffers to something (GStreamer?) that compresses and
streams them efficiently without any interaction from me. I've tried
ffmpeg, but it was disastrously slow (almost 30 seconds behind) plus it
is quite unstable. On the player end, I want a simple movie control that
I can just connect to the live stream and say "play it", "record a
snapshot" or "record the stream," without worrying about underlying
stuff like smoothness of playback, synchronization, when to drop frames,
decompression, etc.

I saw somewhere that the GStreamer library is interface independent, and
I'd like to write my player in Qt to maintain cross-platformness.

Is GStreamer what I'm looking for? Or am I looking for too much?

Thanks for all your help

Ismail Degani
Cornell University
id35 at cornell.edu

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