[gst-devel] Doing new releases

Christian Schaller uraeus at linuxrising.org
Wed Aug 13 00:20:08 CEST 2003

I guess everyone out there is as anxious as me to get a 0.7.0 and 0.6.3
releases out. I talked briefly with Ronald on IRC about 0.7.0 and I
think we should be set there, shipping 0.7.0 with the new lcs plugin
slurped. During the 0.7.0 series we can then move to a standalone lcs
library when we feel it has reached the needed level of stability and
performance that we think we can hopefully sell it to other projects.

I tried building GStreamer head last evening, but encountered some
disting errors which I plan to fix this evening. Afaik so is the major
build blocker in CVS head that the ffmpeg stuff still doesn't work when
building packages. It would be great if you had some time to look into
that Thomas.

As for 0.6.3 I think we should focus on that as soon as 0.7.0 is out.
It doesn't need to be a such a big job, we just need to merge the
patches we already have available and do a release. Wether we want to do
additional bugfixes can and should be a question of time. Say we decide
to do a 4 day release process for 0.6.3 and any fixes not in by then
gets punted to 0.6.4

Any comments?

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