[gst-devel] gdk_pixbuf output sink?

Jeremy Gwinnup jgwinnup at mbvlab.wpafb.af.mil
Fri Aug 15 14:36:01 CEST 2003


I'm new to the list, and I have an output sink question. I've
reconstructed the example from the gstreamer talk at GUADEC this summer,
and have modified it to read video data (mpeg1, using the mpeg2dec
decoder). I'm currently using the xvideosink output sink, but it's not
_quite_ meeting my needs.

I'm developing a GTK2 application that plays back mpeg1 video, and I
want to composite the video data into a GdkPixbuf, display metadata on
top of the imagery, and then render that frame to a GtkDrawingArea.

I came across a reference to a gdk_pixbuf output sink in a mailing list,
but it looked like it was for the separate GdkPixbuf library from back
in the GTK+ 1.2 days.

Does anybody have hints on how I can get towards this goal? Adding
another input source is not the answer here, since I do not have a 1:1
correspondence between the video data and my custom metadata.

Thanks for your help!

Jeremy Gwinnup <jgwinnup at mbvlab.wpafb.af.mil>
Veridian Engineering

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