[gst-devel] Network wide gstreamer and qos.

Sanjay, Addicam V addicam.v.sanjay at intel.com
Thu Dec 25 11:39:01 CET 2003

Are there any plans for a system ( network ) wide gstreamer set up.

1. Let us assume that there are two machines Computer A and Computer B.
2. Computer A produces data in only mpeg1 format. Computer B takes data only in Mpeg2 format.
3. Let us assume that there is one more computer C in the network which has a mpeg1 to mpeg2 plugin.
4. Is it a viable idea to have a gstreamer pipeline across the network, consisting of plugins in computer A, computer C and computer B.

5. Similiarly, let us assume that there are two computers Computer C and computer D in the network, both offering mpeg1 to mpeg2 plugins. Then a decision has to be made as to which plugin is to be used wrt to quality of service. Can gstreamer play a role here.

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