[gst-devel] Network wide gstreamer and qos.

Sanjay, Addicam V addicam.v.sanjay at intel.com
Thu Dec 25 21:06:08 CET 2003

Hey Ronald,
Thanks for the mail. Please see my comments.


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Hi Sanjay,

On Thu, 2003-12-25 at 20:38, Sanjay, Addicam V wrote:
> 1. Let us assume that there are two machines Computer A and
> Computer B.
> 2. Computer A produces data in only mpeg1 format. Computer B
> takes data only in Mpeg2 format.
> 3. Let us assume that there is one more computer C in the
> network which has a mpeg1 to mpeg2 plugin.
> 4. Is it a viable idea to have a gstreamer pipeline across
> the network, consisting of plugins in computer A, computer
> C and computer B.

Sure. We already have TCP/IP plugins, they just don't do capsnego across
network yet. This should be easy to implement, though.

The things, which comes across in my mind is discovery of the various plugins in the network, Classifying them and finding out whether they are available or not at any particular instance. I am not sure, how difficult or easy this is.

> 5. Similiarly, let us assume that there are two computers
> Computer C and computer D in the network, both offering
> mpeg1 to mpeg2 plugins. Then a decision has to be made as to
> which plugin is to be used wrt to quality of service. Can
> gstreamer play a role here.

Sure, but you're being very general. My guinea pig could make that
choice too, if you understand what I mean. What are you aiming at

My point is on what basis are you going to make a decision to get the best quality of service... number of hops, efficieny of plugin ( how will you make a decision on efficieny ?) etc

Note that we don't actually do QoS yet, although it's planned to be
worked on some day. I've got some ideas on it, I just don't have time
right now. Or rather, QoS is not a priority for me right now.


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