[gst-devel] Problem with V4L2 on 0.6 branch

Loban A Rahman loban at earthling.net
Thu Feb 6 12:40:10 CET 2003

At least in the 0.6 branch of gst-plugins (which I'm using to compile
Gnome 2.2), the check for V4L2 is not robust enough. Currently it just
checks if "videodev2.h" was found on the system, and if so, attempts to
build the V4L2 plugins. However, the videodev2.h file varies widely
depending on the version. For example, on my Mandrake 9.0 box, the
v4l2_clip and v4l2_capability structs in videodev2.h are completely
different from what gstreamer expects, breaking compilation So, the
check for V4L2 needs a version check as well. I dunno what version is
necessary, just that mine isn't recent enough. Mine has:

	#define V4L2_MAJOR_VERSION      0
	#define V4L2_MINOR_VERSION      20

Please cc replies to me as I'm not subscribed. Thanks.


PS Should I bugzilla this?

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