[gst-devel] various gstreamer-releated questions

Kevin Bowen kevin at ucsd.edu
Sat Feb 8 18:22:03 CET 2003

I have a variety of gstreamer related questions... first I'd like thank 
everyone involved in the development: I have great enthusiasm for this 
project, I think it's exactly what linux multimedia needs in order to stop 
sucking... I only wish I had the coding expertise to contribute myself.

On to the questions: 
-Is there a publicly available gst-player which will build against gstreamer 
.6? Where can I get it?
-Is this list an appropriate place for questions about nautilus-media?
-If so, how do I enable the thumbnailer? The readme says the gconf schema for 
it must be installed... where do I obtain the schema?
-Where are the thumbnails stored?
-What happens if another application (i.e. totem) has its thumbnailer working? 
How does nautilus decide which thumbnailer to use? This is probably a silly 
question... but just curious.

kevin at ucsd.edu

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