[gst-devel] dvdec

Dustin Machi dmachi at vbi.vt.edu
Sat Feb 15 23:22:05 CET 2003

I'm having a little bit of difficulty constructing pipeline using DV.

I'm basically tring to monitor a dv stream so I using something like 

gst-launch dv1394src ! dvdec ! xvideosink

This works. Additionally it works to send it to osssink or artsdsink as in

gst-launch dv1394src ! dvdec ! artsdsink            (or osssink there)

However, I can't figure out how to enter the pipeline for doing both at the 
same time on the gst-launch command line.  Because of this I designed the 
pipeline in gst-editor.  Both of the above pipelines worked properly.  When I 
try to output to both at the same time I have some serious audio problems 
with oss or some less serious but still unusably annoying problems with 
artsd. OSS sounds like its being heard through a helicopter (but video is 
pretty normal)  and when through artsd the video and audio pauses every 
second or two.  I took this to mean that my machine wasn't keeping up.  I am 
less concerned with latency in this application than with sync'd audio and 
video at a decent quality.  Is the software not quite to this level yet and 
that is my real problem?  Is it my hardware can't keep up? Can I convert this 
to some other format and play that with fewer problems, if so how might that 
pipeline look? 

Thanks in advance for your help.  If you don't mind can you CC me on response 
to this as I have not actually subscribed to the list.


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