[gst-devel] Notice: gst-player release made - gst-editor release coming soon

Leif Johnson leif at ambient.2y.net
Fri Feb 21 00:01:06 CET 2003

Hi folks -

I've been occupied with non-gst tasks recently, but I did make a gst-editor
prerelease tarball, at http://gstreamer.net/apps/gst-editor/0.5.0/src/.
Unfortunately, as taaz pointed out, the version number jumped because of a
semi-lame attempt to keep the editor in sync with the core that it
requires. But anyway, test and see if the tarball works, and we can make a
release whenever.


>After I am done with gst-player I plan on pushing a gst-editor release
>out the door.

Leif Morgan Johnson . http://ambient.2y.net/leif/
IAESTE trainee      . http://www.iaeste.org/
Salomon Automation  . http://www.salomon.at/

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