[gst-devel] Indifference is not an argument!

Tuukka Toivonen tuukkat at ees2.oulu.fi
Mon Feb 24 01:05:01 CET 2003

On Mon, 24 Feb 2003, Dennis Heuer wrote:

>and should be interested in what they think instead of joking at them with
>sentences like :
>"Let's reverse the question: what philosophical problem do you have with
>installing a library ?"

Maybe you misunderstood the intention. I don't feel that it was a joke,
instead the point was, what's wrong in requiring you to install the Hermes
library? The truth is, that it should be very easy to do, if it is included
in your distribution (for Debian it is, at least).

>It is not only a stupid question, since there never was any philosophical
>intend in my statement, but it is either not an appropriate position to

Right, then forget the single word and tell us what problem you have
installing Hermes, anyway? It should not cause great problem for majority
of users, if it does (and you can show it) then maybe the developers would
consider again whether replacing Hermes with something else.

>Core libraries are those libraries you can't get rid of since they are too
>important for your system. With system I mean a system of interdependent

Well, then it is subjective, since some users won't need Xlibs, while other
require not only X but also Gnome and KDE. So there really aren't anything
such as core libraries (even glibc is not used in some embedded systems...)

>gst-player. I understand that Hermes is needed, I already wrote this, but
>talking about this decision should be legitim.

So what is your alternative? Should the dependancy to Hermes be replaced
with dependancy to some other library, or should Hermes be included within
Gstreamer source (in which case it won't take advantage of further
developments in Hermes), or should Gstreamer developers write similar code
from scratch?

Unless you can come up with something better than dependency to Hermes,
don't waste your time complaining about it.

>I really don't want philosophical, political or personal discussions.

Hmm, you hate philisophers? ;) Your reaction feels like that...

[Some words of myself since this is my first post to the list: I'm qc-usb
camera driver developer but the problem is that the camera doesn't
deliver any format that is supported by V4L(2), and as you can see from my
signature, it isn't exactly recommended to do format conversions in the
kernel... so my plan is to abandon V4L(2) api partially in the longer run
and support Gstreamer API instead. Didn't get gstreamer video yet to work,
though, but I just started investigating it anyway. Nevertheless, if
Gstreamer API is as good as I hope, I'm confident it will be one of the
most important things that have happened to Linux recently]

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