[gst-devel] Success story and roadmap

Ronald Bultje rbultje at ronald.bitfreak.net
Sat Jan 4 01:55:04 CET 2003

On Sat, 2003-01-04 at 01:10, iain wrote:
> fre, 2003-01-03 kl. 23:07 skrev Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller:
> > ffmpeg plugin. As I understand it works for using gst-launch, but we
> > still need some work before we can use it with spider. Anyone working on
> > that? Ronald? 
> I managed to get marlin to load a divx file which I guess was using it
> (because I deleted wincodec files...), so it works with spider, for
> audio output at least.

My ffmpeg plugin doesn't do audio. And it still has some minor
performance gaps (examples: it memcpy()s every decoded frame into a
separately allocated buffer instead of decoding to a separate buffer at
once, it doesn't do audio, it doesn't do encoding yet...

Ohwell. I guess encoding is less of an issue, since for encoding, you
need to specify the codec anyway, so you could just as well use ffenc_*
for that. We have enough audio plugins (except for WMA - so I might
still do it after all, but not short-term)...

Only thing left is spider testing (i.e., it might actually just work -
no clue). I guess I just need to remove all video plugins and see if
autoplugging then works. Any better option? I'll work on this pretty
soon. Spider is the only 'important' feature here - the others are long


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