[gst-devel] false alarm?

Joshua N Pritikin vishnu at pobox.com
Mon Jan 6 10:08:08 CET 2003

==16671== Invalid read of size 4
==16671==    at 0x42DE35BC: gst_mpeg_parse_parse_packhead (gstmpegparse.c:348)
==16671==    by 0x42DE5746: gst_mpeg_demux_parse_packhead (gstmpegdemux.c:296)
==16671==    by 0x42DE3C51: gst_mpeg_parse_loop (gstmpegparse.c:444)
==16671==    by 0x4201AA21: loop_group_schedule_function (gstoptimalscheduler.c:797)
==16671==    by 0x4201A4AD: schedule_group (gstoptimalscheduler.c:668)
==16671==    by 0x4201A5C0: gst_opt_scheduler_schedule_run_queue (gstoptimalscheduler.c:695)
==16671==    by 0x4201A74D: schedule_chain (gstoptimalscheduler.c:734)
==16671==    by 0x4201BE0B: gst_opt_scheduler_iterate (gstoptimalscheduler.c:1564)
==16671==    Address 0x41D5ED8D is 9 bytes inside a block of size 12 alloc'd
==16671==    at 0x401649B8: malloc (vg_clientfuncs.c:100)
==16671==    by 0x40729A86: g_malloc (in /usr/lib/libglib-2.0.so.0.0.6)
==16671==    by 0x42020490: gst_bytestream_assemble (bytestream.c:344)
==16671==    by 0x42020326: gst_bytestream_peek (bytestream.c:275)
==16671==    by 0x420208FE: gst_bytestream_read (bytestream.c:524)
==16671==    by 0x42DE8080: parse_packhead (gstmpegpacketize.c:85)
==16671==    by 0x42DE8311: gst_mpeg_packetize_read (gstmpegpacketize.c:218)
==16671==    by 0x42DE3A83: gst_mpeg_parse_loop (gstmpegparse.c:411)

i see that the least significant byte is not used.  However, i can
completely convinced myself that the code isn't reading off the
end of the buffer.

i guess it's not very important, since new_rate is merely for
discontinuity detection.  Wim, can you give it a glance anyway?

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