[gst-devel] Re: Conversion Tool from DivX3/4 to MPEG4 ISO, both based on Windows and Linux - paid job offer from Neuston !!!

Christian HJ Wiesner christian.hj.wiesner at web.de
Tue Jan 7 02:14:03 CET 2003

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

> Hi guys,
> i am in contact with Tan Ju Hian, the assistant sales Director of 
> neuston ( http://neuston.com ). Similar to KiSS with their DP450 unit 
> they are about to launch a DivX compatible hardware standalone player 
> ( http://neuston.com/dvx_1201.asp and http://neuston.com/dvx_1307.asp 
> ) and i am talking to them about the potential problems to be 
> exptected with AVI as container. They are investigating if alternative 
> containers such as MP4, OGM or maybe even matroska could be used as 
> AVI replacement and therefore want to include a conversion software 
> tool to help customers with AVIs that play without sync, as they fear 
> the impact on their service departments if playback problems with AVI 
> files will occur ( and these are very likely to happen as you know ). 

I am briefly infroming you that work on the conversion tool hast 
started, to avoid any form of double work .Please check here to learn 
more about the details in case you are planning to contribute to the 
project :


This will be the last email of this form to all the lists that were 
copied, in future the status of the project has to be read from the 
thread above. Special thanks to the FFMPEG team for delivering the base 
work to make such a conversion tool possible.

Best regards

Christian HJ Wiesner

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