[gst-devel] API changes

Mark McLoughlin mark at skynet.ie
Tue Jan 7 03:28:03 CET 2003

Hi Guys,
	So the following change:

revision 1.106
date: 2002/12/30 17:42:10;  author: wtay;  state: Exp;  lines: +14 -39
- major API breakage (one of the last, I promise...)
  - GstPadQuery -> GstQuery
- Move query definitions to gstquery.h to allow for future dynamic
  query types.
- remove _pad_handles_* in favour of extra format/event functions to
  make the same checks.
- fix elements
- Implemented missing query/event/formats functions in gstelement 

	broke API compatibility and caused the gnome-media build to break.

	I understand gstreamer is new to the GNOME release process, so problems
like this are understandable, but I thought we should point out that:

	1) Although API changes for "non-platform" libraries are 	   allowed,
they are highly discouraged.
	2) If an API change is made every effort should be made to make 	  
sure that the required fixage upstream is done in a timely 	   manner.
	3) At this stage in the game (i.e. so close to a release) API 	  
changes should really, really not be made.

	Anyway, I hope this is taken on board - we really want the release
process to go smoothly and ultimately being more disciplined about API
changes coming up to a release should ensure a more stable release ...

	Keep up the good work guys :-)

Good Luck,

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