[gst-devel] [patch] bug#103843 : gstreamer docs connect->link update

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas at urgent.rug.ac.be
Thu Jan 23 09:53:02 CET 2003

Great work, Leif, thanks for doing this.

Here's my suggestion - apply this patch to HEAD, and build docs and check.
If it works, and everything is ok to you, and you don't get more warnings 
than before, just go ahead and commit to 0.6 branch as well.

This needed to be done, I'm glad you did :)


> Hi folks -
> I whipped out regexxer today and ruthlessly replaced connect
> with link in the gstreamer docs (and connection with link,
> disconnect with unlink, etc.). I am pretty sure I avoided
> replacing the g_signal_connect (and such-like) instances.
> Attached is a patch against the current HEAD branch.
> If everyone thinks this is ok, I could commit the changes to
> both the HEAD and BRANCH-RELEASE-0_6 branches. But a commit
> will also entail moving two files in doc/manual/, namely :
> connected-elements.fig -> linked-elements.fig
> connections.xml -> links.xml
> I don't know how moving these files will affect an
> inter-branch merge later on, ideally it will work but I've
> never tried this myself. Just say the word on what I should
> do ... cheers !
> leif
> p.s. Just for my enlightenment, in the future should I post
> things like this straight to Bugzilla ? I decided to post to
> the list because of the freeze and potential tree management
> issues.
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