[gst-devel] Referendum :

iain iain at prettypeople.org
Thu Jan 23 10:47:06 CET 2003

tor, 2003-01-23 kl. 18:00 skrev Thomas Vander Stichele:

> I've never seen a hardware player that didn't have play in between the 
> forward and next buttons, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't based on 
> mechanical grounds :) So if there's no good reason to change that, I don't 
> see why we should.

Mine does.
(My digital camera is in South Africa, so I can't take a photo). Kinda
[Play][Pause][Stop] [exchange disc][skip disc] [^]
                                         [|<] [>|]

But its based on the principle that Play is the main thing you want to
do, and that the |<>| buttons are beside each other so that if you arse
up and go too many tracks in one direction, the button to get back is
right beside it.

And yes, I do want to change the gnome-cd player layout :)


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