[gst-devel] signing releases & backups

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Mon Jan 27 18:06:02 CET 2003

We should be a bit more formal aobut some of our project procedures.
Two things come to mind:

signing releases:

We should be, at a minimum, putting out md5sums with our releases.  Or
better yet, signing with PGP/GPG.  I know omega was trying to get setup
a key a while ago.  But I don't think that got far.  If we don't have a
master project key it would be good if at least someone personally
signed releases.

Anyone have suggestions on how to do this?  Does GNOME have policies on
such things?


SourceForge.net has a list of things we should be backing up.  Who is
doing this on a regular basis?  Our CVS tarball is 23M!  (which is why i
stopped daily mirroring of it long ago)  Anyone backing up our SQL data?
file releases?



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