[gst-devel] 0.6.0 release HARD FREEZE

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Tue Jan 28 17:36:02 CET 2003

OK, I've been informed that GNOME 2.2 has slipped one week.  The new
deadline for us is:

**********  Monday, February 3rd, midnight Pacific time  **********

Whatever we've submitted at that point will go into GNOME 2.2, no matter
what.  There will be no exceptions made, I've confirmed that.

Since we were supposed to have 0.6.0 cut almost 2 days ago now, we've been
spending a chunk of time frantically cleaning up the 0.6.0 branch so it
actually a) builds, and b) dists.  There again have been serveral changes
people have made in the last 2 days that break stuff.  I guess now it's my
turn to get ticked off about that.

So here are the rules for 0.6.0:

1) thomasvs is cutting a as I write this.  This will go into
GARNOME to be tested as part of the GNOME 2.2 RC 2 that was just
announced.  This must be tested by everyone, their dog, *and* their
gerbil.  All problems found with this release will be posted to bugzilla
with or without patches, no exceptions.

2) The BRANCH-GSTREAMER-0_6 branch in CVS will be touched by *ABSOLUTELY
NOBODY* but thomasvs and myself, the release managers for 0.6.0.  Anyone
else committing directly to that branch will be publicly shot.

All changes to the branch (i.e. diffs from to final 0.6.0) must be
made via bugzilla, which thomasvs or I will commit after extensively
testing.  *ONLY* things done through bugzilla will be committed, and only
if deemed critical to the release.

All 0.6.0 issues *MUST* be tagged with the 0.6.0 target milestone, or they
will not be considered.  thomasvs and I will triage the two open bugs
listed with 0.6.0 as the target milestone and determine whether they will
keep that tag.

3) Final 0.6.0 tarball will be cut on Saturday the 1st of February, and
must be tested thoroughly by *everybody*.  Only absolutely fatal bugs will
be fixed, which will result in 0.6.1 as necessary.

4) Final 0.6.0 (or 0.6.1) will be delivered (with md5sum and ideally with
a GPG signature) no later than Monday the 3rd at midnight *GMT* by

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