[gst-devel] type finding

David I. Lehn dlehn at vt.edu
Thu Jan 30 15:19:02 CET 2003

* David I. Lehn <dlehn at vt.edu> [20030130 18:05]:
> walters is having a slight problem with mp3 type finding.  the code in
> gstmp3types.c does a simple check for ID3 tags and a start code at the
> beginning of the buffer.  However, this doesn't work for some iradio
> streams which do not start the stream at the beginning.  This causes
> further type find functions to be called and it turns out festival
> plugin decides the mp3 data is actually "text/plain" and it can handle
> it.  Oops.
> I think for the immediate fix the mp3 code should scan the entire buffer
> it gets.  Which is slower and could fail if buffer is short and has no
> start code.  But it's better than nothing.
> Thoughts?

I forgot to add, in this case it really seems like gnomevfssrc should
see that this is an icy mp3 stream and set it's output caps
appropriately and that spider should use this info.


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